Jeffrey’s Journey: Childhood Dreams and Serendipity

No bitterness. No sense of defeat. There’s just some disappointment and irony in his conversation as Jeffrey Kalinsky discusses the demise of the three Jeffrey designer specialty stores.

“I don’t think the business went south,” said Kalinsky. “We would have been fine if if it weren’t for the coronavirus. I really think we are a victim of COVID-19. It would have taken quite an investment to get through the next 12 to 24 months, and obviously, we know Nordstrom made the decision not to do that.

It’s several weeks after Nordstrom Inc.’s announcement in mid-May that Jeffrey would close for good, and that Kalinsky, founder of the stores and designer fashion director at Nordstrom, would no longer be part of the Nordstrom team. He seems at peace that a major chapter in his life has ended and ready to move on to the next chapter, and it helps that he’s … Read More