Wooden jewelry boxes are perfect gifts for any occasion. A child’s box can include the first set of earrings to start the collection. For a woman, there are many styles that include a tabletop, wall mount, and stand model. For a man, a watch box that will hold a collection of watches so they protected from getting scratched is actually very trendy thanks to the resurgence of secret agent movies in the media.

For a child, the first set of earrings or necklace will have a wonderful home in a jewelry box. The enchantment of keeping your prized possession in a beautiful box is something a child will remember forever. Wood is a wonderful material for these boxes they can be painted with a child’s theme or naturally stained with jewels attached. Some of the boxes when opened a musical tune will play this is a nice touch for your gift.

For a woman’s jewelry collection, a tabletop box may be all they need. The box may be simple or when opened reveal a mirror. Large tabletop models that resemble a miniature version of an armoire are available. There are drawers that have felt covered slots for rings, or open style drawers for earrings or watches. The mirrored larger doors of the miniature armoire have little hangers that your necklaces can hang on. Wall mounted jewelry boxes are space savers and can be the answer to a small apartment or room to keep your valuables in. A floor model can have drawers all the way from the floor up or have legs that hold the box usually this style is usually Victorian styled and ornate.

For the man a watch box can keep watches and rings safe from getting scratched. The shopping networks parade dozens of watch designs across the screens each day and watches as accepted jewelry for men has gone past the James Bond stage and beyond.

Wooden jewelry boxes are perfect gifts for someone or just for you. Protecting the investment you have purchased from getting scratched or damaged with a beautiful lined box instead of tossing in a drawer is a smart decision.

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