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Hair loss is a common problem afflicting many men and women, leaving them stunned and at a total loss of what to do. It can cause serious damages to self-esteem and confidence, but knowing more about the problem and its causes should help. The following article is directed at those who are suffering from hair loss, in an attempt to give them a greater understanding of the situation and what they can do about it.

Why am I losing my hair?

Doctors call hair loss alopecia, and attribute it to many different causes. Androgenetic alopecia affects both men and women and as its name suggests, is genetic in nature. There is pattern baldness, which causes hair to fall out gradually and telogen effluvium, where it comes out in large and dramatic sections. Losing your hair early is most often genetic, but can be caused by certain medications or even underlying medical conditions and stress. Discuss your problem with a physician to rule out the various possibilities, especially if your loss of hair is sudden and massive, and to be able to determine your best course of action.

Can I stop my hair falling out?

If your hair loss is due to stress, a change in lifestyle may help, but often genetics and hormones regulated by the thyroid dictate that hair loss is not easy to stop. If certain medications are to blame, such as chemo, antidepressants, or prescriptions for heart problems or high blood pressure, you may have no choice but to continue with treatments and look for ways to deal with the hair thinning and baldness. Less common is a condition called traction hair loss, in which pulling hair back in very tight styles causes it to fall out, and that comes with an obvious remedy. To determine possible treatments, you simply must determine the particular cause for your individual hair loss.

Can I get my hair to grow back?

Various treatments for hair loss are available, such as Rogaine, which is a scalp treatment that may help stop the loss and regrow hair after about 12 weeks of use or Propecia, an oral prescription also shown to positively influence the problem in some cases, but also offering potential side-effects. Individual results will vary; it’s often best to not get your hopes up too high before discovering if any product will work for you. Take a clinical approach and always ask your doctor before proceeding with any medication.

How do I find my best look now?

Many men opt to completely shave their heads when threatened by hair loss. This can give them a dramatic, often appealing look that is easy to adjust to. Others employ the use of hair pieces to try to maintain their “normal” look and for women, when hair replacement therapy has failed, the solution is usually a quality wigs or weaves. Individual preference plays a big part in determining how best to approach the mirror’s reflection and hair loss.

How much does it cost to replace my hair?

Hair wig grafts typically cost around $5 or $6 each and the total number necessary depends on your overall hair loss. For most people, results outweigh incurred costs and this can leave them very vulnerable to costly gimmicks and endless, empty promises. Again, speaking with your doctor prior to any commitment is often your best bet.

What about fake hair?

Wigs and hair pieces online can be quite natural looking and offer many who are struggling with hair loss a viable solution. Both men and women find this option enables them to present themselves to the world looking most like their old selves, and most pleased with the way they look. Costs and accessories and wind and water can present new and frustrating challenges which are eventually overcome, for the sake of having hair again.

Losing your hair prematurely is a devastating occurrence regardless of gender and can leave you feeling like covering up with a hat all the time or never going outside. Once you ascertain a better understanding of the situation, however, it does get somewhat easier. Know what options are available to you and work with what you’ve got going for you.

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