Tableware – The Importance of Quality and Design

The right tableware for your home is an essential element in hosting excellent dinner parties and fundamental for everyday dining in the home. By selecting the correct tableware it is possible to have the perfect dinner set for both formal and informal situations.

The term tableware refers to a myriad of different items, from cups and saucers to plates and bowls; some even regard glasses, and table adornments such as placemats and condiments as tableware, although strictly this is not the case. With such a range of different pieces to choose from however, it is important to get the choice right from the outset, not only will this save time but in the long run money as well.

The choice of tableware depends upon style and fashion as much as practicality. Anyone buying dinnerware should consider how they are going to use the set. Will it be kept for formal dining? Will it only be brought out at Christmas and other special occasions? Or will it be used every day for dining with the family? By asking yourself these questions it should be possible to find a set that meets your requirements and provides dining joy for many years.

As previously stated practicality is a fundamental factor in the choice of tableware; even though, design and aesthetics should always be considered when buying a set. After all, nobody wants a ghastly dinnerware set that is left for special occasions purely because the owners cannot bear to look at it throughout the year. White is always a good choice; a neutral colour lets the food take centre stage and acts as a good frame for any culinary delights you happen to produce. White tableware pieces are also typically quite cheap to replace if any breakages occur as well.

Not everyone will want to purchase a plain and simple white set however; there are many different patterns and styles available ranging from classical designs to more modern, funky varieties. A growing trend within dinnerware design is to use darker colours such as blacks and deep browns. These deeper colours can either be plain or patterned but both styles provide an elegant way to serve and present food.

When selecting pieces of dinnerware it is important to test the items for quality. Typically any piece manufactured by a major producer will have a mark from the pottery house in which it was produced, usually a sign of quality. Additionally it is always worth checking for bubbles in the glaze or small pin holes and cracks; if these are present it is likely that these items are of poor quality.

Hopefully this article has shown that tableware can be used in both informal and formal dining situations. It has also hoped to highlight the array of options on offer for the consumer. With so much choice it is important to research any items and study them closely before purchasing.

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