August 14, 2022


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‘SNL’ pokes fun at Marsha Blackburn over definition of a woman

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“Saturday Night time Live” showcased a skit this week in which it poked enjoyable at Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) above her line of questioning to President Biden’s Supreme Courtroom nominee in which Blackburn questioned Ketanji Brown Jackson to define a woman.

Throughout Saturday’s episode of the selection sketch application, Blackburn, portrayed by SNL forged member Cecily Potent, described to “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost what womanhood is.

“Define girl,” Strong’s Blackburn suggests.

“Define lady?” Jost asks.

“Define woman. She could not do it,” Strong’s Blackburn says with her arms held out. “I suggest, huuuh.”

“Well, sort of a nuanced, complicated concern,” Jost responds.

“Complicated how?” Strong’s Blackburn responds just before Jost asks her how she outlined a female.

“You jerkin’ my perm? You actually don’t know? Colin, it’s straightforward, it is biology, Colin, Ok? It’s your non-public areas, but the kinds you have when you are born, but just the bottom private elements, mainly because the leading kinds arrive later … no you know what … it’s your period of time,” Strong’s Blackburn explained to Jost.

“Gotta have a period of time, until you are outdated or young or pregnant or pressured out or doing gymnastics,” Blackburn extra. “No, you know what? Scratch that, I’m going back to toddler privates, ultimate response.”

“It’s not just biology, Okay, woman is cheerleader, nurse, teacher, prostitute,” Blackburn mentioned. “Come on, you know, you’ve witnessed them. They are often cold, they are the ones that be procuring.”

“Okay, well, why is defining girl even applicable to a affirmation hearing?” Jost afterwards requested Blackburn.

“Are you kidding … it is the most important issue for a Supreme Court docket justice.” Blackburn replied. “Because if you do not know what a female is, how the hell are you heading to acquire her rights away? Can I get an amen?”

Blackburn was between the GOP lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee that firmly questioned Jackson through her affirmation listening to just before the panel on a host of concerns.

When Blackburn asked Jackson to determine the phrase girl, the choose responded, “I can not.”

“You cannot?” Blackburn responded.

“Not in this context. I’m not a biologist,” Jackson explained.

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