Over the years, you must have seen different phases of life with varied people playing their roles in and out. However, one character that we always cherish and yearn for is the role played by a friend. 

And if that friend is also one of  your preferred hairdressers, there cannot be anything better! Out of your flocking school or college days, friends, have you ever wondered that your hairstylist could also be your ‘to need’ friend. Startled you….yeah!! 

Let’s explore how a hairstylist can be one of the best go-to persons.

1.Understanding peoples’ diversity

Hair Stylists, all through their career experience, people of diverse attributes and cultures. Their behavioural understanding of people can be impeccable. With such experience, the hairstylist can be one of the best counsellors for your vicissitudes of life.

2. Adding crowning glory

The head full of hair is the crown of the king in you. But to add glory to this crown, you need the majestic proficiency of the hairstylist. Only his aptitude can address your hair woes and make them show and shine with pride!! The feel-good factor that gets incarnated in the heart. It will also instil confidence in their personality development efforts.

3. Chatbox

If you feel alone and secluded, a hairstylist can be the best person who can have great dialogues. They have a hamper full of exciting instances of various people he came across in his professional career. Engaging with him by exchanging such instances will uplift the lonely you and provide you with a ‘chatter box’ along with a good ‘hair lock.’ 

4. Conscientious beings

It looks good!! Feeling happy…..yeah!!. But do you know that such a compliment by a friend may not always be honest rather could be a consoling idiom? Hairstylists are straightforward and honest. They will never shy away from telling which hairstyle looks good on you and which one spoils the glorified you. Their virtue is to keep it real. Being the artists of your crowning glory, they will make them genuine in the efforts to make you look good. 

5. Rejuvenating souls

Hairstylists are not problem-solving graduates or sophisticated psychiatrists. Still, they tend to rejuvenate your soul. Wonder how!!. Bella Rinova Salon has skills that provide mane therapy and colouring hair go vivifying ways to electrify your low soul. So when you feel down, you can look upto the hairstylist to enliven you with his craftsmanship.


Being friends with a hairstylist is nothing new and visiting the same salon over a while naturally makes you a good acquaintance with him. The need is now to explore further and venture in a step whereby such acquaintance can transform into the exchange of ideas and sentiments. 

One needs to look beyond the mirage of him being a mere service provider. Remember that they have the heart of an artist and they paint and transform your personality from “good looking” to “looking good.”