Working and Getting a Job in Spain | InterNations GO!

Are you relocating to Spain and have still not decided on your future occupation? Read this post to find out the 5 sectors that can earn you a pretty penny (or euro) in Spain.  

The unemployment rate in Spain is one of the highest in Europe. Considering this, if you are worried about which sector will welcome expatriates, continue reading and find out the 5 job opportunities waiting for you. 

What It’s Like Working in Spain 

To successfully land a job in Spain, learning Spanish is necessary. As still a considerable part of Spaniards is reluctant to learn English, efficient communication will be hindered if you are unable to speak their language. 

Also, the dressing style in Spain is a bit different from the Europeans. If you don’t want to set the alarm bells ringing, try not to wear clothes that make you look like a tourist. Do your preparation and buy the clothes commonly worn by natives. 

For those short on time, you can go shopping from a Spanish webshop. But first you should find out how to find a reliable Spanish webshop. A variety of clothes and accessories are available online but make sure you are not scammed by a fraudulent store. Check out the customer reviews about various clothing brands at websites like OpinionsEspana and buy from the one having the most positive feedback. 

5 Best Occupations for Expats 

  1. Teaching 

Your language can be the most precious skill if you choose to pursue teaching as a career. You can be a private tutor, school or university teacher and can have a stable earning. Not every teaching job requires a certificate, but you may need TEFL, CELTA, TESOL or other qualifications for some designations. However, acquiring them is not a big deal and you can take courses from your home country or Spain. 

  1. Tourism Sector 

Spain has one of the world’s largest tourism industries. In 2019, Spain hosted 18 million tourists from the UK and 3.3 million from the USA. For serving such a large number of English-speaking visitors, the tourism industries always have vacancies for native English speakers, especially during high seasons. 

You can find work at bars, restaurants, theme parks or as an instructor. Joining the European Voluntary Service (EVS) is also a good option for graduates between 17 t0 30 years. They grant youngsters the opportunity to carry out voluntary tasks for around 12 months in different countries. While the accommodation and other charges are borne by the organization. 

  1. Business Consultants 

With a plethora of multinational companies in Spain, there is always a vacancy for business consultants. If you have adequate knowledge and education, you can be a part of their financial sector by working on positions like international finance director, collection manager or consultant. 

  1. IT Jobs 

If you are skilled in the technology sector, targeting IT jobs can help you find a job with a solid income. Installing computer systems, detecting and resolving technical or application problems and software testing can be your assigned responsibilities. 

  1. Self-Employment 

Starting your own business or working as a freelancer is also a reliable earning option. Whereas due to the high unemployment rate in Spain, the number of autónomo workers is increasing. Although the registration and taxation process are time-consuming, choosing to work independently is worth the struggle. 

The Bottom Line

Working in Spain is great. You get to enjoy long lunch breaks, 9 public and more additional holidays and an attractive monthly wage. Just make sure you evaluate and work on your available options so you are not affected by the unemployment rise in Spain.