Tips on how to save money while shopping for groceries


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas  — The skyrocketing inflation is sending the cost of groceries through the roof. Is there any way to cut costs without cutting back on what you need?

According to the Food Industry Association, or FMI, during the first quarter of 2022 consumers were spending up to six percent more on groceries but buying two point five percent less.

Shoppers have cut back on meat purchases by 52 percent, and 38 percent have stopped buying beef altogether.

32 percent say they’ve also stopped buying chicken, but it is possible to save even with sky-high inflation.

Here are some tips to spend less on groceries; order online instead of shopping in the store This helps you cut back on impulse buying and encourages you to buy only what you really need.

Another tip, use coupons, they really do help you save, look in the mail for coupon deals and online for digital coupons.

One word of warning though, don’t buy something you don’t really need just because you have a coupon, and don’t go shopping without a plan.

The number one thing you can do before heading to the grocery store is make a list.

Only your immediate needs should be on the list, stick to the list, and don’t buy anything, not on the list.

The key to keeping your grocery costs down is to create a budget and stick to it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to do without some items. Consider buying grocery store or generic brands, every little bit helps.


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