Roksanda’s Jamie Gill on Being Gay, Indian and Breaking Glass Ceiling

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LONDON — It’s no secret that the fashion industry has a systemic racism problem. People of Black, Asian and many ethnic backgrounds are rarely seen at c-level positions. And even though the industry is perceived to be LGBTQ-friendly, white, middle-aged straight men still dominate the business side of the fashion world.

Jamie Gill, 32, wants to challenge all that. Having worked in architecture, accountancy and venture capital, Gill now is the chief executive officer of Roksanda, and he wants to use his voice to help others who share similar experiences to break the glass ceiling in the industry.

Born to working-class British-Indian parents in the Midlands, his mother worked part-time for the police and his father ran a takeaway business. In Gill’s words, he had “naturally quite a conservative upbringing,” and “homosexuality was something that was just kind of not spoken about in

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