Then and Now: Cash Registers, CCTV Cameras, and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

ByDavid L. Juliano

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The Astonishing Start off of your Preferred LP Technologies

In Portion 1 of this sequence, we explored the humble beginnings of section shops, supermarkets, and the initially use of a bar code in a actual physical shop. In Aspect 2, we expanded our innovation journey to uncover the evolution and achievement of ecommerce, smartphones, and robots.

This Section 3 focuses on systems that were being originally invented to safe income (income register), residence & substantial-chance locations (CCTV Digicam), and buyer merchandise (Electronic Report Surveillance or EAS).

Various of these initially envisioned protection technologies transitioned into potent data assortment tools that optimize and boost the profitability of keep operations. Good enjoyment in a person of my present-day roles to be doing the job on upcoming generations of many of the answers in this series. 

1st Use of a Hard cash Sign-up

It may well be stunning, but the authentic intent of the money register was to cease theft. The inventor was James Ritty, a saloonkeeper in Dayton Ohio. 

Viewing his personnel in 1879 having dollars from patrons, Ritty started to wonder how they divided what belonged to the enterprise versus what they had been potentiallyCashRegisterNCR thieving for their own revenue. Obtaining observed counters on a steamship that kept keep track of of the number of propeller revolutions, with the aid of his brother, he patented the first income sign up in 1883.

John H. Patterson, a shop keeper, purchased the rights to Ritty’s patent for $6,500 in 1884 and started the National Cash Sign up (NCR) corporation. His interest in the engineering was sparked by losses from one of his oldest retail clerks that was favoring pals by providing products under common charges. 

Patterson was also a learn salesman and to NCR he introduced hugely skilled income schooling (later on even adopted by IBM) that involved loss avoidance principles that are still in use these days.


Foremost in advertising process of the cash sign-up was the theft triangle which centered at the balance of chance, possibility and need / rationalization. The funds sign-up decreased the possibility to steal by properly counting transactions and the loud noise (by style and design and afterwards with a bell) that it designed in the course of a transaction elevated the chance of acquiring caught.

In 1973, IBM designed the to start with computer-powered funds register. It was also the 1st networked POS solution making it possible for for the consolidation of knowledge from 128 hard cash registers.

Afterwards many years launched touchscreens, tailored versions in industries this kind of as fast meals, and by the early 2000s Cloud POS made an visual appearance. Nowadays you can verify out on your smartphones in many merchants, but the top evolution of the funds sign up was sent by Amazon when opened their to start with fully automatic checkout retailer to the public in 2018.

More than 40 Amazon Go suppliers are now open in the United States and the United Kingdom.

First Use of CCTV Cameras

The 1st recorded use of CCTV technology was in Germany in 1942. “The system was built by the engineer Walter Bruch and was established up for the monitoring of V-2 rockets, the world’s first very long-variety ballistic missiles that were launched from mobile platforms in the course of Entire world War II. The German armed service applied the cameras to observe rocket launches from within a bunker at a protected length.”

Industrial usage of CCTV cameras for primary reside general public and home stability checking emerged in 1949. In 1953, CCTV devices were being employed all through the crowning of Queen Elisabeth II in the United Kingdom.

Cameras also started showing on the streets of London and New York during this time.  London is now the variety 2 most CCTV surveilled town in the environment with 1,138.48 cameras for every sq. mile.

Rapidly forward 72 decades because they to start with appeared, in 2021, the globe crossed over 1 billion CCTV cameras put in worldwide.


Via computer vision, the CCTV digicam has grow to be one particular of most highly effective details assortment and solution execution options. Higher than chart offers just a several of the illustrations.

1st Use of Digital Short article Surveillance (EAS)

EAS had its origin in 1964 when Ron Assaf (afterwards the founder of Sensormatic), a retail store manager in Ohio, became discouraged with the ongoing issue of shoplifting. The thought of a know-how to deal with it was sparked by the unsuccessful or one could possibly say cautious chase of a shoplifter of spirits. With the help of his cousin, weeks later the very first cardboard mockup of a tag that alarmed was brought to the keep.

“Fast ahead two a long time and the formal honor of inventing EAS stability tags basically goes to Arthur J. Minasy. He is the inventor credited with developing and patenting a protection machine that could be connected to goods for sale. Manasy’s program was primarily based on Radio Frequency (RF) technological innovation and grew to become the basis for his business Knogo. By the conclusion of that 12 months, stability tags were extensively promoted to merchants.”

On various amounts EAS was actually the very first product level technological innovation used to shopper products and solutions. As with CCTV video, it was a foundational technological know-how whose evolution to bigger intelligence continue to proceeds now. Billions of EAS tags carry on to be applied nowadays globally. 


We occur comprehensive circle in this loss prevention edition of LP systems as at main of the success of EAS is the theft triangle 1st introduced with the cash sign up. People will steal customer goods if the chance is accessible and if they rationalize, they have to have it. That EAS alarm at the exit by various variants of EAS systems raises the possibility that you will get caught.


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