Vandalism Leaves Retailers Fearful and Uncertain on Reopenings

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Among retailers assessing damages at their stores from looting this week, there’s fear and uncertainty for what might happen in the days ahead.

Chaos in several urban areas around the country could continue, raising concerns about employee and customer safety, and the ability to further phase in store operations this month, or start to, depending on geography.

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Most of the protests in the aftermath of last week’s killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by police have been peaceful, though there have been many separate incidents of violence, looting and confrontations with police nationwide.

New York City, which was hit hard with violence and looting Monday evening as protests against racism and police brutality occurred, is scheduled to launch “phase one” of reopening non-essential businesses on June 8, involving curbside pickups and limited staffing.

But executives from New York City retail

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