The Coronavirus Disruption: Navigating Change for Success

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The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly been marked as a time of disruption across all industries with mass amounts of uncertainty leaving consumers and businesses to adapt ever-evolving reactions.

The world moved quickly into “new normals” with worry and fear driving consumer behavior. Worried for health and cleanliness, consumers opted for contactless transactions and many adopted hoarding behaviors. Shifts to e-commerce have perhaps been the most consistent across industries. As early as mid-March, surveys conducted by First Insight found 75 percent of consumers admitting personal shopping behaviors had been impacted. Early reports found initial declines in U.S. shopping though saw great increases as consumers began shopping for items conducive to spending long periods of time at home and consumer markets who have historically shopped in-store pivoted to e-commerce.

A recent report that looked at data from Emarsys in cooperation with GoodData found online

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