Stylist Lauren Walker-Lee Launches Fashion and Lifestyle Video Interview Series with Independent Retailers in Toronto


Lauren Walker-Lee, a stylist and creative consultant, has created Talking & Shopping, which is a unique fashion and lifestyle video interview series featuring designers, creatives and founders.

Lauren Walker-Lee

Walker-Lee goes talking and shopping with these amazing women to hear their stories while visiting some of the best boutiques in Toronto. 

“I had this kind of lightbulb idea. It came in like meditation actually. If I had one wish from a genie, what would it be? I want to interview all my creative friends. I went to school for radio and television first and I think life is coming full circle in this content world we live in and I’m like just going to set up and I’m going to make a pilot presentation and I’m going to pitch a show,” said Walker-Lee.

“What do I want to do? I talk and I shop. I’m going to use this as a vehicle to get to know creative women while shining a light on these amazing artists and also the independent retailers.

Image: Talking & Shopping

“Because I’m in this commercial production world that we have so much of here in Toronto, I assembled a team of amazing people who generously donated their time and we created these three episodes where I was just going to give it my all and I won’t forgive myself if I don’t try. It’s called Talking & Shopping, it has a very concise premise, and I did make three episodes before deciding to continue to make more on my own while I endeavour to get these seen. Maybe it lands with a proper network. I’m going to continue to make episodes for as long as I can myself.”

They are currently on her YouTube and Instagram. Each of the guests is matched with an appropriate boutique to go talking and shopping at. She has six episodes now with definitely more to come and hopefully to hit up Montreal next.

“We get to highlight these great people amongst fashion, lifestyle, the arts, as well as visit neighbourhoods in Toronto and beyond,” she said. 

Walker-Lee is from Toronto and spends the majority of her time wardrobe styling. She also writes and does creative consulting. She received her undergrad in Broadcast Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto before attending Parsons The New School of Design for Fashion Marketing.

“I’ve always been in this world of communications whether written or visual,” she said. 

Okayok (Image: Talking & Shopping Youtube)

With a background in fashion public relations in both New York City and London, she then went on to launch her own lifestyle e-boutique Suite Hazen in the UK before returning to her hometown. Creative communications and consulting for fashion and lifestyle brands remains a passion and area of focus.

“As a freelance stylist and creative consultant no two weeks are alike. My styling work ranges from large commercial productions to fashion editorial and work with independent brands. Creative consulting and writing allows for me to keep a pulse on what is happening in the industry and furthers my knowledge and relationships. My education in broadcast journalism and fashion marketing set the foundation for a journey in communications both visual and written. A passion for the arts and fashion is matched by my love and enthusiasm for the creative community,” she writes on her website.

“I am a lover of aesthetics, and consumer of culture. Fashion, art, and design inform my tastes and perspective, and are evident in my life and work. Living in New York City was a priceless experience that included internships at Vogue, WWD, and Black Frame PR, where I would then go on to work in Public Relations with their clients Rodarte, Acne, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Opening Ceremony amongst others, plus meet Mario Testino, have a run in with Courtney Love, and send out hundreds of looks to celebrity stylists and magazines. Once in London I was immersed in the wave of young British designers that are now household names, Peter Pilotto, Roksanda, and J.W Anderson. Living in London provided a rich cultural experience at my favorite intersections – Fashion, design, music, and art.”

Walker-Lee said the use of video is important. People are increasingly moving towards motion versus stills. There’s still going to be a good dose of traditional articles and photography but hearing someone’s story and being able to visually show what’s going on really brings it to life.

“I think we’re just moving so into video from social media whether that’s short quick snippets and alternately I think there’s a little bit of a lack of longer format narrative storytelling like interviews, longer-format fashion and lifestyle content,” she said.

“We’ve got loads in Canada amongst home, and food and competition shows, but I just felt there was this gap among my peer group for longer-format video interviewing for behind the scenes of creative conversation which just lends itself so perfectly to motion, visual video.”


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