Today, sports sunglasses tell people that they are a very serious player. It does not matter whether they play for fun or playing for a professional team; sunglasses used for games can offer a lot of benefits. Protective eyepieces like specialized sunglasses and wraparound frames lenses made from polycarbonate materials can help minimize or even eliminate the risk of getting eye injuries.

Enhancement of performance is an added bonus because they provide high-quality vision from eyepieces designed for these kinds of activities. Eye experts do not merely recommend these things. A lot of clubs and teams mandate them. Members need to wear the necessary protective eyepieces to participate in these activities.

Before, children used to dislike wearing sports goggles or sunglasses, but just like wearing helmets when riding skateboards or bicycles, it has become the norm. These things are already accepted as part of sports attire and regarded as very cook.

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Protect the eyes from sports actions

If a person is still not convinced about the need to wear protective sunglasses or eyepieces for these kinds of activities, take a closer look at these statistics:

Emergency rooms treat more or less 50,000 eye injuries every year. These injuries are mostly sports-related.

Badminton and tennis are played with an object that flies at the players at 60 to 70 miles an hour, even faster in some cases (try getting hit by a serve from John Isner, you’ll get the idea).

With racquetball, the ball can fly by at 70 to 200 miles an hour. Activities like tennis and badminton involve racquets that swing at high speeds in confined spaces where unintentional crashes can happen. A lot of sports are filled with jabs and pokes from fingers or elbows. Even basketball is linked to the high incidence of eye injuries.

Players exceed their past performance with these eyepieces

Until recently, individuals with moderate to mild vision correction used to play their events without wearing eyewear like Oakley glasses or goggles. But top performances in these activities are usually dependent on sharp visions. These things allow players to compete at their best, with a 20/20 eyesight.

Essential features of sports sunglasses

These devices do not share the same characteristics as regular industrial safety goggles, sunglasses, or eyeglasses. Design and made in different shapes and sizes, these things are specialized to suit every sport’s needs. A lot of this eyewear is even made to fit into specific helmets worn when playing hockey, baseball, or American football. Protective lenses are usually made from polycarbonate materials.

They are pretty durable and resistant to high-speed impacts. They also boast complete Ultraviolet protection for outdoor activities. A polycarbonate lens is also resistant to scratches, which is a very important feature for most events that allow physical contact.

The frames are usually made from high-impact resistant polycarbonate or plastic, and they are coated with padding made of rubber at points that touch the face. Some frame styles are shaped to wrap around the face. It provides secure coverage for activities like biking, sailing, and hang-gliding. Non-prescription sunglasses wraparounds are useful for people who wear contact lenses because it blocks the eyes from wind and dust.