Skincare shopping with a dermatologist to find out what to buy and what to avoid on a budget


Skincare on a budget? It is possible!

It can be overwhelming as you walk the aisle of your local pharmacy or visit a mall. I get a bit intimidated at the lotion, potion and makeup counters.

I sometimes feel like the associate is working to talk me into spending big and dropping words and terms I’ve never heard of before. Everyone just wants a product that is safe and one that works to protect your skin, improve your appearance while not breaking your budget.

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I’ve heard of people spending hundreds and have friends who swear by products that are around $10. So clearly we need some direction here. I asked trusted dermatologist Dr. Steven Grekin to go shopping with us. We hit a few stores Downriver.


The lotion aisle is filled with options and the price points range from $5 to around $75. What I learned is that these brands use a lot of gotcha terms to grab your attention.

However, you the consumer, really need to key in on real ingredients and phrasing. Look for “retinol,” “glycolic acid,” “vitamin C,” “proven results,” and “dermatologist tested.”

Avoid buzzwords like, “amazing,” “wrinkle reducer,” or “look younger,” It’s all about grabbing your attention and getting your money.

The doctor also recommends always using face creams that have SPF for protection from the sun.

I personally like Neutrogena products and the doctor approves. Many of their items are under $25 and the majority include ingredients that can actually help you achieve real “proven” results.

I know it can be overwhelming and confusing and our goal is to make sure you get the most for your money.

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