Many people would consciously make a mistake of calling all natural products as organic, especially now that even the beauty and cosmetic industry promotes organic skin care product as alternative to those costly ones. The use of plant extracts, roots, leaves and petals of plant as alternative cure agent for some certain diseases have long been accepted by the society and the professional skin care industry. However, not all of them are approved by the FDA.

The word organic is a term that refers to a substance that contains or has never been exposed or in contact with any chemical or preservatives. For this reason, you cannot easily qualify whether an advertised natural cream is an organic skin care product.

An organic skin care product is advised by dermatologist to those individuals who are highly sensitive to chemicals. This is because some product manufacturers add preservatives to their products which are irritating to the skin. Sometimes, using these agents can even lead to peeling of the skin, burns, and other skin problems. For you to be sure that the product you are using is safe and genuinely organic, look for the “certified organic” label.

Some of the organic substances that are used as a skin care product ingredient are jojoba oil, papaya, aloe vera, and green tea extract. Although there are many of herbs that are considered to be effective in clearing and moisturizing the skin, it is not wise to just try them without the recommendation of a skin care expert.

So why do you spend a huge sum of money in buying those expensive and synthetically produced, imported beauty products? The efficiency of a beauty product depends on the consistency of your usage or application. Price doesn’t really matter, you can even have the most expensive skin care product, but if you fail to use it constantly, it is just a big waste of money. Resort to organics. Nature never fails to give our necessities. Your very own garden can readily provide you the skin care treatment that you always deserve. Even some celebrities use natural skin treatments, why don’t you?

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