There is really nothing like jewelry. It has been a treasured item for thousands of years. There are many different styles of jewelry, so there is something that will appeal to everyone.

If you like expensive jewelry and want to know where you can find an exquisite jewelry set, you have many places to explore. With the Internet, you can access the designs of jewelers all around the world to see what exquisite designs you like best. Here are a few that you may find particularly worthwhile when you are looking for a high quality jewelry set. Take a look.

Gold Knot

The Gold Knot Company designs and manufactures a limited edition of high end jewelry in 18K gold, diamonds and gems. They are a very good choice when you are looking for something unique in an exquisite jewelry set.

Founded by David Taiber, who also is the principle shareholder in Gold Knot’s parent company, Goldex, this jewelry company is a well-established family business now in its second generation. It has a long history of successful jewelry designing.

If your interests run to elegant pearl jewelry sets or vintage diamond jewelry sets, Gold Knot will help you choose something just perfect.

Mark Areias Jewelers

If you like classic jewelry sets, you can’t go wrong at Mark Areias Jewelers. This company designs and manufactures jewelry, either by creating their own unique, original designs or by redesigning a custom piece from your existing jewelry. You can take part in the design process by submitting your ideas and brainstorming with them about the finished piece. Their own style will be added in, making for an amazingly original piece that you’ll love.

They can create a customized piece of jewelry for you almost from scratch, so you can get what you are dreaming of in your jewelry every time you shop with them.

Surprisingly, with all this custom design work, their prices are very affordable, so you can have the jewelry you’ve always dreamed of without spending a fortune.

Once you’ve approved the final design and chosen the metals and stones, the jewelers alloy the metal and begin to fabricate your piece. Almost all of their work is handmade rather than being cast, which makes each piece unique. Every part of manufacturing your jewelry takes place in their own workshops rather than being sent out to someone else.

Remember these are only two fine examples of different jewelers you may want to choose from that make quality, high end exquisite jewelry sets. Definitely check them out, you won’t be sorry. Keep in mind that in order to get the perfect piece, you need to shop around and see what is available and what appeals to you.

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