How to Ensure Better Performance from Shipping Carriers


Once the package has been handed over to the shipping carrier, they take control of your customers’ post-purchase experiences as well. 

Despite carriers’ efforts to deliver your customers’ parcels on time, delays occur daily, largely because of carriers straining their capacity to meet on-time deliveries. 

That’s not all! 7 out of 10 common causes of delays are because of the shipping carrier — ranging from poor warehouse management to failed delivery attempts. 

And the worst part about these delays is the fact that the responsibility falls on you rather than the shipping carrier. 

Customers who have faced a delay on packages that are most valuable to them will definitely not shop with you again. And if that’s not enough, frustrated former customers also end up posting negative reviews on social media and deter potential customers from choosing your business. 

Thus, it is clear that your shipping carriers’ performance has a significant effect on your customer experience (and wallet!). 

That said, you can make use of a solution such as that helps you deliver phenomenal post-purchase CX and measurable results such as a better quality of service and an on-time delivery guarantee from your shipping partner.


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