14 Essentials Every Guy Needs for Winter

The winter season is coming thick and fast, meaning we can wave bye bye to summer. It is time to dig deep into the bottom of your wardrobe and drawers and get your thickest layers on. You might be one of those people who get rid of their winter clothing because you have nowhere to store once the season is finished. This article will tell you all of the essential items that you will need for these cold and dark months. 

Crew Neck Knit Jumper

One of the easiest finds for a man when it comes to style and warmth. It is the perfect jumper to pick as it can go over a shirt and a tee, without looking odd. Complete the look with a pair of levi jeans and a parka coat then you cannot go wrong.

Denim Jacket

Denim jacket is definitely a must-have item for your wardrobe. Whether that is for spring or Autumn/ winter. There are many times where you can wear your denim. It is also very easy to style. Whether it is blue or a black denim jacket. This jacket will not be appropriate when it is freezing temperatures so remember to check the weather before you go outside with it on. You can match it up with a pair of chinos or dark denim jeans. You could also put it over the top of a turtleneck and trousers to look a little more sophisticated. 

Wool Blazer

This one is for all of you smart-casual men out there. A wool blazer is the perfect jacket to put over a shirt when the temperature is getting colder. Not to mention that it is great for any formal events that you might be attending during the winter. Pair it up with an oxford shirt and then you cannot go wrong. One thing to make sure of when you’re rocking this style is, make sure that the colour of the shirt and blazer complement each other. A wool blazer can be worn all year round, just make sure you are not wearing it when it is 20 plus degrees. 

Trench Coat Season

Behind a parka, this is one of the most stylish coats that you can pick for the winter season. If you are wanting to complete your tailored look then the trench coat is the final piece for that. It looks great over any shirt and turtleneck jumper. 


Last but not least, a scarf. A scarf is the essential item when it gets below freezing and the winter breeze is getting underneath your clothes. You can either wrap it around your neck tightly to keep you warm or just wear it as a fashion accessory by hanging it loose. Every man needs multiple scarves and they are the perfect accessory for the harsh winter that is coming up.


There are many wonderful outfits to choose from when it comes to men’s fashion. Mens streetwear is an all year round style that everybody can pull off. For those slightly warmer days when you want to wear something casual, pick a tracksuit. A mens full tracksuit is the perfect attire to just throw on when you are putting the bins out.