Fashion illustration is a task that every professional and student does, however design is totally different job. Any designer may draw to record ideas, to communicate with others, to document his work and to improve his idea. Let’s talk in details.

Record ideas: Sometimes a designer comes up to a real good idea or a cool inspiration, but he’s got not enough time to make it real – maybe he is going to make it later, he must keeps a record of his good ideas by drawing it.

Communicate with others: Well, the designer is really creative having a lot of excellent ideas in his mind, but he isn’t going to work alone. He is going to work with others, marker makers, and other staff. Illustrations help transfer that great ideas from his mind to other people.

Document his work : Ok, the season is over with a lot of success, we really made some cool collections, and already sold so many items, is it over? Are we going to forget about this season totally? No we must have a record of all previous seasons so we can analyze that seasons to find our negative spots, and to use them as sources for later design projects.

Improve the idea: Once the designer gets into the “aha” moment, he is very happy with that moment, and in fact such a aha moment is what makes fashion what it is, but those moments give us just draft ideas. These ideas need a lot of improvements, and a designer is not a super imagining machine, he can’t improve the idea within his head only, so how to improve it, illustrate it on paper the start editing, adding and removing to make it better idea.

Illustrating tips: Illustrating is a lot of fun and it’s very useful for designer thinking and his attempt to create new fashion line or collection and by every mean it’s an essential skill that every professional or student must master to succeed in career life.

Drawing practices is a key to improve skills, surfing and studding fashion illustrations play a big role in improving a student skills too, however a student must keep his own style, and not to imitate professional drawing as is. Like a sign fashion illustration must be unique and every designer must have his own signature that fit his garments style and emphasis it’s look and feel, besides demonstrating the garment details, cut, details and measurements the right way. As you draw fashion as a designer your goal is to transfer the idea, not to impress the audience by great coloring skills.

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