The wide variety of diamond rings available can make choosing the right ring for your partner a daunting task. This article looks at custom and antique diamond rings and why you may wish to consider them.

Unique Diamond Ring

These days there are many styles, cuts, and colors of stone to choose from at your local high street jeweler, plus more choice when it comes to the metal the ring itself is made from. However, most of these are mass-produced, and it is more than possible that your partner will, at some point, bump into someone with an identical ring. Choosing to buy custom solitaire diamond rings at Shira Diamonds Dallas will guarantee that your chosen ring will be one of a kind.

Traditionally an engagement ring may hold a single round diamond, a solitaire, on a gold band. In more recent times, the gold may be exchanged for white gold or platinum, this being the hardest wearing of the metals. Diamond engagement ring stones are now found in a range of different cuts, including the princess, cushion, pear, Asscher, oval, radiant, and heart shapes.

What you should pay for your custom diamond engagement ring depends on the Four Cs of diamond valuation. These are Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat Weight. The cut is usually considered an essential factor. The cut is not the shape per se. The cut refers to the reflective qualities of the diamond. The quality of the cut makes a difference to the appearance of the diamond.

Though related to the shape, it is something entirely different. In a well-cut diamond, the light reflects from one side of the diamond to the other, bouncing back and to the observer’s eye. In a poorly cut diamond, reflected light is ‘lost’ through the diamond’s sides or bottom. The brilliance of the stone is diminished.

If a custom engagement ring is something you are considering, it is worth popping to your local pawn shop to see what they have in store. This may not seem like the obvious choice for fine jewelry, but it is a popular choice for those looking for engagement rings. Think about it: a person who uses a pawn shop’s services needs to get hold of cash and must leave an item of value to secure the loan or for the pawnbroker to sell on their behalf.

This item most often comes in the form of a piece of jewelry. In many cases, the pawnbroker’s customer may be unable to repay the loan or choose not to. The ring becomes an item for sale in the pawnshop, usually at very competitive prices. These antique engagement rings will often be one of a kind, or at least much rarer than their high street counterparts.

Visiting an online shop to find the ideal engagement ring for your loved one, you will likely find high quality and unique pieces, which will serve as an heirloom for generations to come.