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It’s the season of gift-giving. You could be one of many people searching for original fashion and luxury gift ideas that would put a smile on the face of your loved ones. The good news is that you are in the right place as we will be revealing five top ones. These gift ideas are great for both males and females, so you’re sure that this will definitely make anyone happy.

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1.      Burberry Crossbody Backpack

This is a luxury mini backpack from one of the many famous luxury fashion brands that leave quite an impression at first sight. Made by Burberry, this accessory piece is small and compact enough to add a lot of dazzle to any outfit. Apart from its aesthetics, it also features functional components that can comfortably handle even smaller items while hiking. It has all the luxurious details that Burberry is known for and, to top it off, made with strong nylon materials that are highly durable. This bag also features a padded strap, leather key ring, and pockets combined to create a utilitarian design. The drawstrings are there for easy adjustability. So, if you’re still thinking about the perfect luxury gift idea for that special person in your life, this may just be the ideal answer to your quest.

2.      David Yurman Jewelry

This may not be a very popular name like Birkin or other luxury brands. Still, it is a fantastic jewelry company by its own rights. It rose to fame a few years ago, giving people the option of having access to simple luxury jewelry without hassles. Now, you can either purchase the Z Crossover Ring or Cable Classics Bracelet that looks simple yet classy. There is also the option of buying any gemstone of your choice alongside the bracelet. Over the years, this brand has shown its impressive dedication to quality, and that’s one of the many reasons why it’s part of our list of luxury gift ideas. With just a little over $700, you can have this packaged and ready for your loved one.

3.      Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

It’s very difficult to find anyone who doesn’t love music. We may have different preferences, but music is one thing that unites people a lot. So, why not put a smile on someone’s face with the Sony 10000XM4 noise-canceling headphones? With less than $400, you can have one of the best noise-canceling headphones ever. Your loved ones could undoubtedly use that peace and quiet, even in a terribly noisy environment. You score extra points if this is a gift to someone who has many children running around the house and needs some sort of escape. It is also an original fashion and luxury gift idea that will serve them for several years as they can drown out the noise of the outside world successfully. Help your loved ones increase their productivity this season while listening to their favorite podcasts.

4.      Portable Projector

This is for movie lovers. The Nebular projector is that luxury gift you can give to a special someone who doesn’t have the opportunity of creating a movie theater in their home. Since you can’t provide them with a home remodel, why not try out this nebula projector that has gotten pretty amazing feedback so far. Worth less than $600, anyone can binge-watch Netflix at an incredible 720p resolution without spending thousands of dollars. It’s all possible on their own DIY screen. So, for anyone who has missed going out to the movies, especially with all the lockdowns and recent social distancing measures, you can help them recreate family movie night without stepping outdoors. Nebula projector is an excellent luxury gift idea you should consider this year.

5.      A Designer Bag

How about a chic designer handbag? Two impressive options are the Saint Laurent leather bag and the Chloe leather satchel, both less than $2000. So, what makes this a fabulous fashion and luxury gift idea? Well, sometimes the best ideas are made using calfskin leather material. These bags are chic and stylish enough to fit well in anyone’s arm. Of course, it helps that there are thousands of happy customers who are still enjoying these bags. If you’re opting for a fashion and luxury gift, you should also consider its durability. It will be a shame to pick a gift that falls apart within a month. However, that won’t happen with a luxury designer bag that’s worth its price.

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