VLONE 2018 Spring/Summer Fashion Critic Reviews | HYPEBEAST

We love the change of season, as it is the precise moment to make those necessary adjustments and transform our wardrobe into a perfect mix of personalized taste and trends from international fashion weeks. Inspirations, garments, colors, bags, shoes, accessories, silhouettes and details that scream yes! These are the fall winter 2021 fashion trends that we want to see you show off and enjoy!

Checked Clothes

For those of us who opt for prints, we are celebrating: paintings live 2021 in glory and majesty. The king print of the cold era is now worn in tartan versions and especially in brown, red or green tones. 

The Fringes are Back

This season there are fringes everywhere and those flapper styles or the more Vlone fashion is added to a well style of modern world, as well as beautiful details in accessories that you will undoubtedly have to experience.

Wool as the Main Material

We love wool and the beauty of knitting. It is always a pleasure to connect with the multiple possibilities that fabrics offer us. This year the designs are reformulated into a huge variety of formats, including tees, shorts, looks in total wool and details that simply make you treasure this art beyond time.

Off-White Clothing

We already saw him on men’s catwalks wasting elegance and in the world of women’s fashion, he does not wait. The off-white, with shades of beige, takes winter styles giving us a classic and neo-romantic air.

Chains as Accessories

If you love jewelry, you will want to wear metal even on your clothes. And it is not a novelty that the chain pouches is one of the most desired bags of the moment, hence this trend that only makes us sighs.

Fur-Effect Clothing

When we talk about leather or leather effect, we immediately think of discreet tones inspired by the Earth, its flora and fauna in green and maroon. This 2021 is no exception and we will see multiple ways to wear this trend in coats, pants and a consistent, original and sophisticated look.

Tailor Suits

We adore tailored suits and don’t be surprised if you see them more than ever on the streets. Blazers, chinos, shirts in absolutely all tonal ranges will be the favorites this season. Remember to include prints, stripes, pastel colors and botanical elements … let your imagination run wild!

Long and Large Coats

There is no better investment than a good coat, and if it is XXL, much better! If you are thinking of acquiring a new coat, its camel version has already been replicated and you can find wonderful variations in black, gray or even gold. Which one do you prefer?

Down Coats

Fashion is for taking risks. And down coats are invading the catwalks, and with them no doubt the streets. Go for down coats in various colors and play with proportions. You will not regret it!

Colors Brown or Brown

A new color takes the throne as the king of the season: the brown or classic chocolate tone. And its elegance does not take long, becoming the immediate successor to black in terms of tailored suits. Shocking, huh?

Jeans Fabric as the Protagonist

Jeans are probably the most popular garment in the world. Since Levi’s introduced this fabric and its multiple formats, we have been enchanted by the world of denim. And today the inspiration is to incorporate it into true urban uniforms in total key with blazer suits, oversize pants and entertaining monograms.

Ecru Fabrics

The ecru color is in fashion. And what we want or not, its power also extends to the world of fabric, where we can see beautiful sweaters of various formats combined with body chinos or the classic jeans of all time.

A Mix of Styles

Vlone 'Lone Love' NYC Red on Black Hoodie (BSM)

It is difficult to define this look, but clearly it is a mix between work wear and the military world. The result is incredible, a perfect alternative and good example of it you can see on Vlone love hoodie that mixes functionality and elegance. Bet on this mix in a monochromatic key.